Welcome to HUB9

Our vision is to help propel your business by creating a community where innovation and collaboration happens.
Perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups.
This is where new ideas are born!

Step outside of the usual cafes and experience what its like to work at a coworking space.
We have free tea and coffee too!

Welcome to our community!

Think, brainstorm, create, execute, unwind, repeat.
Pick a space that’s conveniently located to you and enjoy the same facilities you would in an office, at a fraction of the cost. Our co-working spaces offer you more than just an office – it’s your canvas for creativity!

Design for Deep Thinking


Choose from a hotdesk, dedicated desk or private office.
You will receive all the benefits of a normal office whilst sitting in the comfort of your own space amongst our growing community.

Book one of our fully equipped meeting rooms to help you brainstorm ideas and take your business forward.
All our meeting rooms are equipped with projectors, whiteboard, free wifi and even free tea and coffee for you and your clients.

Beyond Four Walls


Design for Deep Thinking


Relax on one of our lounge beanbags/sofas or just unwind in our chill out areas at our locations.
These are also perfect for make shift workspaces if you are tired of sitting at your desk.